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When is the best time to book your session?

The best time to book your session is when you are about six to seven months along. You may book sooner to make sure that I will be available when your little bundle of joy arrives. I will only book 8 to 10 babies a month to make sure I have plenty of time to photograph your little one.


When is the best time to photograph your new bundle of joy?

The best time to photograph your little one is between 5-12 days new. Newborns sleep more during this time and are still easy to curl up into womb like positions. After two weeks, your baby becomes more alert and starts to stretch out and fill out, making it harder to curl them up. Baby acne also likes to show up around two weeks.


What to expect during your newborn's session?

Be prepared to be at the studio for at least 1.5-3 hours. This will give me enough time to ensure that every detail is perfect, from their little fingers down to their little toes.

When you first arrive we will go back into the camera room (where the magic happens) and I will take your baby out of his/her carseat. During the session I would like for you to sit back, relax and have fun. This is my time to make those beautiful images for you, so there is no need to stress (babies can detect stress and frustration). At some point in time your baby may need to eat, be calmed back to sleep, or cleaned up after an accident. Yes, most babies will make a little mess for me, but that is to be expected. So, no worries. This is why I always block off 2-3 hours for your baby.


Do I need to bring anything to the session?

I would suggest that you bring extra clothing in case baby does have an accident while you are feeding. I like to leave baby in his/her birthday suit wrapped in a blanket so there is less fuss. You may also want to bring yourself some water and a snack just in case you get a little hungry or thirsty while you're waiting. It is warm in the studio, so a cool drink of water is good. If you are nursing, you will have the baby's food supply ready to go. If you are bottle feeding, bring a couple of bottles of formula.


Do you have props or should I bring my own?

Yes. I have a lot of props available at the studio, so if you don't have anything, don't worry. I am a!

But, you are more than welcome to bring your own, to make it unique to you. If you have a blanket that grandma made or you are big sport fans. Bring it! Just let me know ahead of time so I can set up properly for the props you want to bring. :)


Can the parents or siblings be included in the image?

Yes. If you have purchased the Precious Moments Newborn Session, I will photograph parents/siblings with baby. I tend to focus more on baby during the session so if you or siblings will be in the image, I will do this right in the beginning or at the very end. With siblings I typically do it right away because they tend to get a little restless and  rambunctious. If siblings are coming, PLEASE make sure you bring someone to watch them afterwards. You can bring items from home that they can play with out in the waiting area or we can set them up with a movie in the waiting area.